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Includes a FREE consultation and a prototype*





Includes our FREE consultation, custom CAD design and a Prototype*





Includes a FREE 3D printer*, FREE consultation, CAD design, Prototype and expert guidance to manufacturing with multiple manufacturers and FREE lifetime advertising for your product for 2 years on our homepage (ONLY available to Gold level packages)!



Gold Package includes a FREE ANET A8-B Printer!

  Bronze Silver Gold
Consultation                X    
Custom Product Design (CAD)                         X                   X
Prototype                X*                       X                   X
Market Analysis                       X


*Bronze package prototype available if customers provide their own file.

Send Us Your Design
Send Us Your Design
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Robbin B. Williamsburg, MI 3/29/2018 DreamLab was amazing to work with!  They were communicative, creative and resourceful. They helped me turn an idea into a working prototype. It’s amazing what a 3D printer can do and even more impressive with an open minded programmer. DreamLab is a great name because that’s what they do!

DreamLab was amazing to work with!

Mike Roberts Never Dry Products So I’m an inventor and I mess with a ton of stuff but I need a little extra help every now and again. So I found DreamLab and let me tell you. They are awesome! Fast responding, knowledgeable, and respectful. I asked a ton of questions and they didn’t […]

Mike Roberts ND999

Good responsible company! The owner is very nice and a great client to work with. He is also very helpful, approachable and always available to answer for any question. Thanks Sir.

M Hassan Farooq

Molly Davis reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star October 4, 2017 · I love my lighted crystal and old school laboratory light switch! So creative!

Molly Davis

Mina Bethel reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star August 19, 2017 · I love my crystal lamp and fishy pinch clips! Best investment I ever made

Mina Bethel

Serena Marie Lovendusky reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star July 11, 2017 · We love the designs & quality of your products! We can’t wait to see what other ideas you bring to life next with your 3D printer!!

Serena Marie Lovendusky

George Jung reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star May 14, 2017 · Fischy Pinchy changed my life so I could get more organized. They kept my chips fresh and they look so neat. Those cool colors delight kids of all ages like my niece. Those squirrels and the spinner thingys are rad. Dreamlabs lives […]

George Jung

Nik Mathias reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star May 13, 2017 · Wow…….call me with questions please. Service was amazing, just…

Nik Mathias

Erin Williams-Shakoor reviewed DreamLab Industries, LLC. — 5 star March 4, 2017 · I have several products from Dream Lab such as a night light, fishy pinchies and a toothbrush holder. All are excellent quality and my kids LOVE them. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!!

Erin Williams-Shakoor